Turn Here

Thinking through the members of my team this afternoon, I was musing over how each one I relate to completely differently. Some take a gently hint and run with it. Others I will openly correct and they still won’t change. It made me think, what am I like?

Am I one of those that has to learn by the ‘hard knocks’ because I won’t take gently correction? Or can I take direction or correction and run with it? How do the people I work with view me? I often wonder if they look at the schedule and dread to see my name.

Proverbs 17:10 “Rebuke is more effective for a wise man than a hundred blows on a fool.”

Can you take a rebuke and run with it or do I choose the hundred blows by your response? It can be easy to be stubborn and stiff necked. Often, especially when you are one that is usually right, it’s easy to get a little attitude. It’s easy to get offended or let a rebuke ruin your day.

A hundred blows, the boss pulls you into the office. It seems your supervisor has brought the same thing to your attention multiple times and is fed up. You still haven’t changed. Now it has to go to the next level. Why? Wisdom was not chosen.

When we choose wisdom, we choose to take those little rebukes and run with them. We look for opportunities to change. When something is brought to our attention, we are thankful instead of resenting the one that brought it to our attention. A wise man knows that he can’t always be right.


2 thoughts on “Turn Here

  1. Lee Galway says:

    Liking your posts Mrs Hesse 🙂

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